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“I hired David K from NorCal Property Management, Inc. on February 21, 2013 to manage my house in the Branham area of San Jose. After interviewing more than 3 other property management companies, I found David prices to be reasonable and his service to be excellent!

I can reach David on his cell phone anytime. He works good through text and email too. I always can get a hold of David every time I call. It doesn’t go to a secretary or anything. It goes straight to the person you want to get a hold of. That was one of the main reasons I chose NorCal.

I have been working with NorCal for over 5 months now and I have nothing but great things to say about them. As an out of state owner, I don’t have to think twice that my property is in good hands. I would highly recommend this property management company to anyone in the area.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“I have very little time to take care of my property, so I hired NorCal Property Management, Inc. to take care of my home in the thousand oaks area in the Branham area on San Jose.
It’s been my first experience working with a property management company so I didn’t know what to expect. I was a little scared at first, but now that I have been with NorCal for a little over four months now, I feel safe that my property is in good hands.
I highly recommend using this company. They make property management seem simple.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“I have been working with NorCal for about 6 months now and I am very happy with the work that David does for me. He is always available and he does what he says he is going to do. He has helped me with a difficult tenant, and a re-rent. Both of these issues he dealt with easily and he needed no direction.

Prior to hiring NorCal, I had a different company that I was not happy with. What I think to be true is that it is not easy to find a great property manager. David really does a great job for me. I would recommend him to you without hesitation.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“I would highly recommend David and NorCal PM to any home owner. I have three rental properties and before David my other PM was not able to handle them, and it was a big issue for me. NorCal took them off my hands, they have released one prop for more and it was a seamless process. They are great. Use them.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“I had a property management company in the past which seemed to make it their policy to ignore my concerns and requests. I could never reach a “live” person and would wait days for a response, which was always hurried and curt. I was given low priority and treated as unimportant to their business. Their incompetency proved very costly to me.

I’m glad I found David Krause at NorCal Property Management, Inc. to take care of my rental property. Now, when I travel out of the country, I am confident I have someone back here at home watching over things for me in the same way I would. I am confident that my property is being looked after properly and I can relax.

Hiring NorCal Property Management, Inc. and having David manage my rental property for me was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I found someone who actually cares about doing the job I hired him to do.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“As a property owner, David gets 5 stars from me. We are very happy with his response and service. He is very knowledgeable and dependable. I highly recommend him as a property manager.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“As a rental property owner, we are very satisfied with David from NorCal Property Management, Inc.. We have worked with David for the past 6 months and only have good comments for his services of our rental property.

From start, David is very clear to disclose all his services and fees. He explained the process and follow through any requests that we have asked him. There is no hidden cost for the property management. He promptly emails us monthly statement and deposits the money to our account within the first 5 days of every month.

We would certainly recommend NorCal Property Management, Inc. to our friend for rental property management.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“David and NorCal Property Management, Inc. has been provided good services for our rental property. We have worked with David for the past 6 months, and are very satisfied with his services.

David is very thorough and clear about his management services and does not have any unspecified cost for the property management services.
David is prompt with his response to our requests via email and sends the monthly statement on time.

We would recommend NorCal Property Management, Inc. to other for the rental property management.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“We are very satisfied with the prompt and professional service from this property company. They were able to find a tenant for our property quickly.
We will recommend this firm to others!”
– Milpitas, CA Property Owner

“I would highly recommend David and NorCal PM. I have had them for over a year now managing my property. He has done an excellent job over the past year and I look forward to our continued success over the years.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“As a property owner, I would highly recommend team NorCal, esp David. He is very knowledgeable of the rental market in the bay area. It is great to see that he has significantly expanded his business in the past year.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“Doug and Rebecca were truly invaluable in helping us find the right home during our relocation to the area. Their ability to quickly problem solve and think outside of the box demonstrated a unique level of dedication to our specific needs. They were always professional and prompt in responding to our questions. Doug was very thorough and helpful with his explanation of application process. In this case, we were the tenants, given their concern for the well being of the property, I wouldn’t think twice about using their service if I were an owner who needed a property manager in the area.”
– San Jose, CA Tenant

“After interviewing big Property Management companies, and being discouraged about their high fees, it was a breath of fresh air to meet with David and his Dad Doug; being a small Property Management company, they had a personal approach yet efficient and reasonable fees as well. After choosing them for managing my townhouse, we were impressed how quick my property was rented. It took only 4 days after the townhouse was on the market. It has been a good experience so far with David keeping us up to date if any issues arise and how he deals with it. Since we live out-of-state, it is important to us to be able to count on a comprehensive service.

We had an example of this just last month.The neighboring townhouse had a major flood which damaged part of our adjoining walls; David called me the day it was discovered and already had arranged for a restoration company to repair the damaged area; Everything was back in good shape just 10 days later with a minimum impact and disturbance for our tenants. Arrangements were taken by David to cover the expenses of the repair as well. It was such peace of mind for us that every aspect of the repair was dealt with in a reliable and professional way as we are not close by. NorCal Property Management, Inc. is definitely to be recommended especially when property owners live out-of-state.”
– Mountain View, CA Property Owner

“Reviewing as a tenant. I’ve dealt mostly with Doug, the Property Director, but have also had conversations with David and Rebecca. All very attentive, detail oriented, and on the ball. Let’s start from the beginning:

When inquiring to lease the house I’m currently renting, Doug made sure to ask all the right qualifying questions so neither of us wasted our time. That was a great first impression which lead to us meet up later that day to tour the house and prepare for the application phase. There was someone who just beat me to the application process, but Doug put my roommates and I on his waitlist for next in line if the applicant dropped out. That following morning I get a call at 7pm, the person dropped out, at 7:30am Rebecca drove to meet me and get the application fees to begin the process. Let me repeat, she drove to help me secure my future home… What service!!
Doug completed our application screening and approval within only a few hours. Later that day I received a call from David informing of approval. We met with Doug 72 hours later, signed the lease, gave our initial move-in amount, and we were done (ie. this guy takes care of business). Even after the lease signing, Doug kept in contact with me to keep me updated on any property improvements and hyped to take possession.

Fast forward to now, after living here for a while, we could not be happier! We had the main drain line back up on Memorial Day, so I called Doug to inform of the situation. A friendly plumber was out to fix the problem within an hour.. on Memorial Day!! What customer service and maintenance.
I’m pretty certain that Nor Call Property Management is a family run business, which makes it all the better. You know they’re going to communicate and make things happen for both tenants and owners. Easily the best service I’ve experienced with residential property management. If you’re an owner, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone better to take care of your investment. As a tenant, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone better to take care of you.
Hope my awesome experience helps you make a decision.”
– San Jose, CA Tenant

“I highly recommend David and his team. David helped us turn around a difficult rental situation with his profound experience and attentiveness. He is knowledgeable, eager to help, and very responsive. He stays on top of things and gives great advice. I agree with other reviewers that David always tries to go above and beyond. I have used other property managers in the past and David is by far the best.

David’s team is awesome too. My property needed works. His team assessed the property, recommended services and provided quotes at a reasonable price. During the process, they kept us posted on the status. What I’m impressed with the most is they do not nickel-and-dime how much money they can make, but how much money I can save. They think from my perspective, not theirs. They delivered quality works. They are very personable and make the experience pleasant.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“David was referred to me by my real estate agent. He came with high recommendation. I had to move to east coast for a job, and I needed my property rented. David took care of cleaning and minor job fixing the property and found a tenant for me. He communicated with me at each step, so both the tenant and I were happy with the decision. He’s been managing my property for 6 months now, and I am very happy with his work.”
– Santa Clara, CA Property Owner

“We are very pleased with David and the team at NorCal Property Management, Inc..
When I moved out of state with short notice, they were able to fix some minor wear issues with the property and get it rented quickly. They are very responsive and when the tenant has concerns NorCal Prop Mgmt brings them to my attention so we can resolve them. When things need to be fixed, David has a great team who get it fixed ASAP and done right, without costing an arm-and-a-leg.

The team at NorCal PM is honest, responsive, and treat my property like it is theirs. We have not had a single concern or issue with NorCal PM and are very glad that we chose David to manage our property. We would definitely do it again.”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“This is my first time renting through a property mgmt company and I have to say it was a breeze. David is a very nice person that I really enjoyed doing business with. He is responsive, flexible, honest and upfront. He worked around my schedule, and did his best to accommodate my requests and made sure my move in experience is as smooth as possible. Excellent Service!”
– Santa Clara, CA Tenant

“I can’t stress enough the high praise I have for this property management company. Living out-of-state from my rental property, I knew that I had to find someone I could completely trust and rely upon to manage and maintain the upkeep on my rental. David has gone above and beyond every time I’ve needed anything from him. I appreciated his careful screening of potential tenants and his “go-to” attitude whenever I’ve needed him to take care of something at the property.

When I needed work done at the house he was able to quickly get me quotes that were competitive and the work that was done was outstanding. I receive my accounting report promptly every month. My tenants are happy which makes me happy. It’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about my property. He really knows the business and I know he would do an excellent job for anyone looking for property management.”
– Santa Clara, CA Property Owner

“I own a property in Campbell, CA and I hired NorCal Property Management, Inc. in 2010 to manage it for me. I have had little to no maintenance issues. When there are maintenance issues, their prices are always affordable.”
I would definitely recommend hiring NorCal if you are looking for a Campbell Property Management company.
– Campbell, CA Property Owner

“My wife and I were looking for a property manager for our Condo in Santa Clara.
After doing a lot of shopping, we found Norcal’s rate to be the most reasonable.
We were hoping to get the condo rented in a few weeks but they rented it out in 3 days and found great tenants.
I have been with them for 6 months so far and I have no complaints. They are very reliable and pro-active. I would definitely recommend them.”
– Santa Clara, CA Property Owner

“I am a property owner who signed up with NorCal Property Management, Inc.. They were responsible for finding a tenant and for ultimately managing the property.
The agents with Norcal are highly competent and aggressive with top sales and negotiation skills. They are also totally accessible and responsive, and they go the extra mile to make sure I am happy. Norcal got us a great lease contract in place in under 2 weeks.

Don’t waste your time with the huge property management companies like we originally did. We had our property listed with them for over a month at a below market price, but despite tremendous prospective tenant initial interest, it still sat without a tenant due to mismanagement and poor business skills.
I have very high standards and little patience for mediocrity. NorCal Property Management, Inc. epitomizes excellence and solid business practices. I’ve told all my friends about this phenomenal company. Highly recommended A++++++++”
– San Jose, CA Property Owner

“I’ve been using NorCal Property Management, Inc. for my townhouse for 6 months.
I selected NorCal due to the fact David was a go-getter and a boutique family business. My past property management company had over 25 years of experience, needless to say, they didn’t check on my tenants when requested and in the end, I had to evict and repair damages $$$.
David turned a sour situation into a positive by renting my renovated property within 4 days and provided a 4-month internal inspection with pictures and reports.
He’s timely with replies and his rates are very reasonable.”
-Milpitas, CA Property Owner

“I’ve been working with David and his team for about 6 months and I’m very satisfied with the overall service so far. It was my first time being a landlord, so I decided to turn over my apartment to NorCal Property Management, Inc. after they were recommended to me by my previous real estate agent. I feel like they did a great job getting my apartment rented to great tenants. Recently we had to deal with an out of the ordinary maintenance issue in my apartment but again they came through and worked with me and the tenants to resolve the problem in an efficient and timely manner. Exceptional service, great people, at a fraction of the competition… for me, it is a no-brainer to recommend this PM company!”
-Fremont, CA Property Owner

“I am really happy with their service. This company has taken the stress off of our family’s hands and has taken control over the property management. They have fair prices and communicate very well with you as to what is going on with the property. They are good mediators between the occupants and homeowner. I would recommend this company to anyone in the future who needs help with property management.”
-San Jose, CA Property Owner

“I have been using Norcal Property for 6 months. David, our property manager is very prompt in his response and follow up. There has been no delay thus far from his end on any of the action items. Highly recommend Norcal Property.”
– Cupertino Property Owner