We want to prove to you that you are number one in our book!

You deserve personalized property management services with a proven track record of success. That is why NorCal Property Management, Inc. is proud to be the only management company in Santa Clara County that can say, Every property we have rented out has been within one month or less and we have never had to evict a tenant that we have personally placed into a property ourselves.

Remember, NorCal Property Management, Inc. is a family owned and operated company. We do not have a corporate mentality. We are normal, everyday people who you can call at any time.

Most Bay Area rental property owners have similar needs from their income property. Those needs consist of an accumulation of steady cash flow, affordable and effective maintenance vendors for the property so that it remains in great condition, and someone who can handle the day to day communications with the tenant(s), manage vendors, and always treat you like you are our only customer.

We know that only after a few months of working with us, you will feel totally confident that you picked the best property management company in Santa Clara County. With the average home in the Bay Area costing an average of $500,000, you need to know that your income producing property is in the right hands. With NorCal Property Management, Inc., you can sleep all through the night because we are on call 24-7. That is just one of the many services we provide.

Don’t believe that we are the best? Please ask us for a reference today! Hear it from an owner first hand.

“Reach for the Stars with NorCal Property Management, Inc.”